Saturday, July 18, 2009

Status update

I just thought I'd announce I'm not gonna post for another month or so :)

Me and my family are leaving for Austria to visit my in-laws, we'll be back around August 8th. And using wifi in the Austrian Alps can be quite a challenge, I'll be glad if the internet connection works long enough to check my emails once in a while.

Those knee issues I had mentioned in my previous post culminated meanwhile in a full blown hamstring tendinitis due to which I had to request an RKC II transfer to next year. It was a bummer, but what can you do. Even now, it isn't fully recovered yet, it still objects to being fully locked out, but at least my everyday life is not affected anymore (it's only funny in the first five minutes to have to work the clutch pedal "from the hip" while driving...).

But I was/am making the best use possible of this down time. There's a lot bubbling in the witch's kitchen :) Me and my student Will have joined forces so we are going to run Kettlebell Debrecen together, in our own Courage Corner. And because two people make up a system and a system is always more than the sum of its elements, there'll be a lot of exciting changes on all fronts in the second half of August after the Budapest Cert, or in September the latest. But I'm not going to tell a word about the details yet, I don't want to blow the surprise :)

Have a wonderful summer!