Friday, January 30, 2009

I can feel it already, lol

10 DARC swings, 10/10 snatches @16kg
3/3 SLDL @16kg (CK-FMS-style)

4/4, 3/5, 5/5, 5/4, 4/4 strict Military Presses @16kg 
5*5/5 SLDL @16kg (CK-FMS-style)

3, 5, 5, 4, 5, 4 Double Jerks with slow negatives (no reclean) @2*16kg
3*5/5 double-bell-SLDL @2*16kg (CK-FMS-style)

5 TGU R @16kg
5 TGU L @16kg

Top of the minute:
10 dbl. swings @2*16kg
10 dbl. cleans @ 2*16kg
5 rounds, 10min

Thursday, January 29, 2009

High tension

5 C&P ladders of 3 @16kg, squeezing a 150lb gripper with the other hand.

This was far more tiring altogether but a lot more effective as for the presses themselves.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quite some swings

I only had a 16kg at hand and with my hands a bit beaten from yesterday I didn't really feel like doing anything else than swings. Very simple template, 20 sets of 50 on 45sec rest periods. No, I don't find such sessions boring :)

50 swings @16kg
(10 two-hand/10L/10 two-hand/10R/10 two-hand)
75sec on, 45sec off
20 rounds, 40min, 1000 swings

Monday, January 26, 2009

Usual Monday combo

4*(swing - snatch - swing - C&J - swing - snatch - transfer) @16kg
1min on, 1min off
20 rounds, 40min

Friday, January 23, 2009


I turned out to have gotten a great big blister on my right palm (I didn't have my sock sleeves yesterday) so I avoided snatches and restricted cleans to save it.

3 side presses - TGU to half kneeling - 3 half-kneeling presses - TGU to floor - 3 floor presses - TGU to kneeling - 3 half-kneeling presses - TGU to standing - 3 side presses @12kg
3 rounds

(As an advanced group member has put it yesterday, I usually have 'mean ideas, very mean ideas or freakin' mean ideas, and this sequence is of the third category', there's some truth to it, lol.)

Suitcase DL @2*32kg
lift L only - put down - lift both - put down - lift R only - put down - lift both - put down
5 sets


3 C&P ladders of 3 @16kg
20 Figure 8s to a hold between ladders
3*1/1 Shoulder Flow with bent press instead of MP

swing-snatch-combo @16kg
3 sn L - 3 DARC sw - 3 sn R - 3 DARC sw etc. (18 sn, 15 sw)
1min on, 1min off
15 rounds, 30min
270 snatches, 225 swings

This combo has become a kind of a hit, clients keep asking for it. Maybe because the swings in between make intensity go up and down, which enables them to go for longer sets than with snatches only, but it's more challenging than swings alone.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swing it, snatch it, jerk it

Said client liked last week's combo pretty much so we did it again yesterday, this time combined with sets of long-cycle jerks. We were both a bit tired so we were actually going to go by feel about rest times, but then we turned out to be ready to continue in 1min, give or take a few secs. 

1min LCCJ - transfer @16kg (10), cca. 1min off
1min swing-snatch-combo from last Thursday @16kg (6*3 snatches and 5*3 swings), cca. 1min off
5 rounds, cca. 20min

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where's my grip endurance?

Top of the minute:
15 two-hand swings @24kg
20 two-hand swings @24kg
25 two-hand swings @24kg
6 rounds, 18min, 360 swings

I had actually planned to do a bit more but it simply fried my grip pretty soon, so, after a few minutes rest, I switched to two-hand transfers @16kg:

Still top of the minute:
25 two hand transfers @16kg
20 rounds, 20min, 500 swings

At least that was no problem. Would've been really pissed, lol.

Yesterday's press practice

ROP C&P ladders @16kg
kneeling presses @12kg
5/5 tall kneeling
5/5 half-kneeling, weight over stance leg
5/5 half-kneeling, weight over step leg

3 more rounds of kneeling presses @12kg:
5/5 tall kneeling
5/5 half-kneeling, weight over stance leg
5/5 tall kneeling
5/5 half-kneeling, weight over step leg

Thursday, January 15, 2009

AM "cardio"

Swing-snatch combo with an advanced client, @16kg

3 snatches L - 3 DARC swings - 3 snatches R - 3 DARC swings - 3 snatches L - ... - 3 snatches R.

10 rounds, 1min on, 1min off
20min, 180 snatches and 150 swings (6*3 snatches and 5*3 swings per round) 

Your "heavy weight, low rep approach for bulking up", Ryan.
What a witless clown.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Moonstruck" left

ROP C&P ladders @16kg

5*20 one-hand swings @32kg (5/5/5/5)

My pressing strength has improved bigtime, but it seems like I can't really find my groove on my left. At least it is not reliably settled. One rep goes up smoothly, the next is staggering, the third is smooth again. Maybe some high volume 12kg presses and/or tall and half kneeling presses will fix it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This turned out to be "fun"

ROP C&P ladders @16kg
1*(1-->5), 2*(1-->4), 2*(1-->3)

@16kg, 30sec on, 30sec off:

two-hand swings
figure 8s to a hold
dragon twist
one-hand swings
BU cleans
'goblet' cossacks
DARC swings

3 times through, 24min

Beware of dragons and cossacks.
They're carnivorous.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heavy swings

Top of the minute:

10 @24kg (5/5)
10 @32kg (2 two-hand/2L/2 two-hand/2R/2 two-hand)
10 @40kg (two-hand)
10 @48kg (two-hand)

5 rounds, 200 swings, 20min

Wow, this makes that 24 feel like a toy... :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Doubles again

Floor press
5*5 @2*16kg

Suitcase deadlift
5*5 @2*32kg

5*5 @2*20kg

I really like it this simple.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm pretty sore all over, which is of course no big surprise after having done next to nothing for weeks, so I did some full body combo work today with a moderate weight and at a moderate pace, just to get the blood flowing a bit:

clean L - (front squat - press - snatch neg. - snatch - press neg.)*8 - switch hands and repeat R
1min L, 1min R, 1min off
10 rounds, 30min

I had to realize my shoulders got fatigued faster than I thought so I used the momentum of the squat (=thruster) when necessary.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still just a pull and a press

Sounds familiar :)

10 see-saw presses
10 renegade rows
Back to back, took approx. 1min, 1min off
10 rounds, 20min

And some snatches
@12kg, switching hands every 10 reps:
100, 80, 60, 40, 20
300 snatches, not timed, 15-20min

I'll also have some farmer's walk later in the evening - got a bigger room for my classes upstairs so I'll have to move about 400kg of kettlebells... :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

What else to start the new year with

Program Minimum.

5 sets of 3/3 @16kg
approx. 20min

30:30 @16kg

21-22 two hand
21-22 two hand
21-22 two hand

4 times through, finishing off with one more set of two hand swings
25 sets, 25min, 500+ swings