Thursday, April 30, 2009

Better days, finally

I was so glad last week that I seemed to have gotten rid of those freakin' clingy viruses and could return to training that I probably overdid something (pistols, maybe, dunno) and managed to pull some groin muscle so that for days even driving my car was a challenge. More time off from training, eh. What can I say, I'm obviously not tough enough for being that stupid.

The good news is, however, after this forced off time, voila, I finally managed my first unassisted pullups, woo-hoo, 'twas about time!

Anyhoo, I've decided to proceed real cautiously this time and do all strength work in good old GTG fashion until the DK cert (in two weeks) is over: pullups, pistols, presses, windmills, everything. A set or two between two clients/classes. That adds up quickly.

As for ballistics, I'm getting back into VO2Max training:

15:15 @16kg, 20 sets of 8
10min, 160 snatches
That was less than half of what I did last time but it felt unexpectedly tough.
Then, another 10min of swings:
40sec on, 20 sec off
27-28 swings @24kg
10 sets
This was the first time, I think, I worked with the 24 in a work-rest ratio of more than 1:1. Hard on the forearms, although I kept mixing one- and two-hand swings.

15:15 @16kg, 30 sets of 7
15min, 210 snatches
Cut back a rep and went for more sets. That one rep makes quite a difference.

15:15 @16kg, 40 sets of 8
20min, 320 snatches
This felt like I'm almost back to where I was. Cool.

And I saved the best for last: by courtesy of John Du Cane and Dragon Door (a big thank you!), I'm now a cartoon heroine! You can check out my new article, a case study of my CK-FMS "voodoo" work in the articles section of the Dragon Door website.

Monday, April 20, 2009

There's hope

Although I'm a bit scared to say that - the last few days were like a roller coaster, one day I felt better, the next weak again.
Thursday was my planned off day, on Friday I only did my pullups and even that was a burden. On Saturday I was only good for vegging out.

Things were getting better yesterday:
band pullups: 4, 4, 3, 2, 1
5/5 C&P @16kg
20 swings @32kg
10 rounds

band pullups +
MP @16kg (L/R) +
box pistols (R/L)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
VO2Max, 15:15 @16kg
50 sets of 8
25min, 400 snatches

So far so good...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not that slight...

I made a premature statement last week presuming it was "nothing serious" - the next day I woke up with a full-blown cold so that I was reduced to a state of mere vegetation over the holidays. I'm still far from being okay but I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that yesterday and today, just to remember how it feels to be alive.


30sec on, 30sec off
10/10 @16kg
10/10 @20kg
10/10 @24kg
20 two-hand @16kg
20 two-hand @20kg
20 two-hand @24kg

4 times through, 24min, 480 swings


Band pullups: 4, 3, 3, 2, 1
Box pistols: 3*5/5
C&P @16kg 3*5/5

VO2Max, 15:15 @16kg
40 sets of 8
20min, 320 snatches

Interestingly, strength level has dropped significantly, while ballistic endurance is more or less unchanged. I would've expected the other way round.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No flu

A slight virus infection, perhaps. Still somewhat weak, a bit of a sore throat and a bit of a running nose but nothing serious, thank God. Elbow and wrist are pretty good already but, as tomorrow I'll be off to Austria for the Easter holidays anyway, I decided to take it easy this week and get rested before I start anew next Tuesday.

VO2Max, 15:15, @16kg
30 sets of 8
15min, 240 snatches

5*10/10 snatches @16kg
5/5 C&P @16kg
5/5 TGU @16kg
5/5 C&FSQ @16kg

45sec on, 45sec off
one-hand swings
rep ladder 1-->5 (30 swings) @16kg
rep ladder 1-->5 (30 swings) @20kg
rep ladder 1-->5 (30 swings) @24kg
7 rounds
31,5min, 630 swings

Happy Easter, everyone!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still rehab

I'm still not 100% so I restricted myself mostly to getups, windmills and OH squats (sets of 5/5 @16kg) this week. On Thursday I did 15 rounds of the swing-snatch-combo from Monday with a client - he was down with a bad cold last week so the usual Thursday VO2Max wouldn't have been the right thing to start with.
1min on, 1min off @16kg
3 snatches L - 3 DARC swings - 3 snatches R - 3 DARC swings - ...
6*3 snatches and 5*3 swings per round
15 rounds
30min, 270 snatches, 225 swings
I felt all weak yesterday and got up with a sore throat this morning. I hope it's not that freakin' Influenzavirus B that is reported to have arrived here now that A seems to be leaving, eh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the mend

At least in some regards.
I took the rest of last week off and got that elbow 'beamed'. Low-Level Laser Therapy - it's like exorcism, I tell you!
After the first time the pain stopped radiating into the upper arm but did so all the more into the forearm. Pressure on some spots in the palm sent lightnings into the elbow. After the second time it all left my elbow and moved into the ulna and the wrist. Then into the small and ring fingers. No sensitivity on pressure any more but on pulling, like carrying things. Then only on pronation. Now it is still lurking around in the wrist and ulna a bit but causes only some slight discomfort at one certain movement when the arm is in one certain position.

So Monday I tried a couple of things:

band pullups: 4, 4, 3, 2, 1

I did them, but they didn't feel all that good... Not painful, just sort of weak and unstable. But, thank God, seems like they didn't worsen things either.

3*5/5 MP @16kg
3*5/5 TGU @16kg

Presses were okay, the getups too. I was more concerned about the reps L with my right as the supporting hand, but that was no problem either.

1min on, 1min off, @16kg
3 snatches L - 3 DARC swings - 3 snatches R - 3 DARC swings - ...
6*3 snatches and 5*3 swings per round
20 rounds
40min, 360 snatches, 300 swings

I didn't want to jump right back into VO2Max training right away so I chose this combo with just 3 snatches at a time - the pace is a bit slower (like 7 in 15sec) - and swings mixed in and comfortable 1min rests.