Monday, December 28, 2009

1000 swings are no joke for two, either

Especially if you've been kettlebelling only for 5 weeks :) Still there were two studs that did all the 1000 by themselves - with a 16 though, but it's a great accomplishment anyway! Those working in pairs got served right, too, of course, as the bigger bells came into play, too :)

Congrats to them all, t.b.c. in January, happy New Year to you all!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

1000 swings are no joke

But we all had a great time, nevertheless :)

Everybody did great: 3 people finished in less than 50, 5 more under 60min, nobody needed more than 90min. I'm so proud of them all!
A few guys that wanted to come couldn't make it, which is a pity - but it's not all lost yet as they have one more opportunity to join in on Tuesday 5:30PM.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who would've thought?

What started out as a joke on one of my students' part on Monday that we should skip training at the last session of the year and order some food to the gym instead has by now developed, pretty much spontaneously, into a full-blown Christmas-New-Year-event tomorrow, with everybody taking the 1000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge and then of course dinner and party :)

I'm impressed: almost all my advanced students have signed up so far, some former students, too, incl. Sebi from Oradea, who has since become an RKC himself. Wow!
Even my beginners (1 to 3 months' practice) are participating, they'll do the 1000 reps in pairs or eventually teams of 3. We'll do that on Tuesday. Certainly with dinner and all, too :)

I wish I could have brought them all together, but I don't have space for so many people :( Next time we do something similar we'll choose a less snowy season so we can go outside. But this is gonna be fun anyway!